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Corporate Banking

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Money transactions with Bank of Central are much easier now! Expand your customer network and eliminate limits with transactions you can make anywhere in the world.

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With Bank of Central, which combines technology and traditional banking, you have the chance to develop your business. Register now to discover what you can do.

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Secure your business accounts with Bank of Central now. Manage all your transactions from a single platform, get the opportunity to follow your corporate activities.

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SWIFT Payments with Fastest Route

Payments you make with SWIFT payments go through the fastest route to the other party. Take control of your payments now.


International Transactions with Real Time Status

No matter how far, all your transactions are instantly transferred to the receiver with real time status.


Send and Receive Multi-currency Payments

Have the opportunity to make and receive payments in different currencies at your workplace with Bank of Central. Expand your network.

Why us?

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